2 Jan 2018

80 Educational Full Forms List | जानें जरूरी शब्दों के फुल फार्म |

80 Educational Full Forms List- useful information

Do you want to know full form List of important 80 Educational Full Forms List ? Read it.


PAN - Permanent Account Number

PDF - Portable Document format

SIM - Subscriber Identity Module

ATM - Automated Teller Machine

IFSC - Indian Financial System Code

FSSAI (Fssai) - Food Safety & Standards
Authority of India

Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidelity

GOOGLE - Global Organization Of
Oriented Group
Language Of Earth


Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

जाने कुछ खास शब्दों के फुल फोर्म - 80 Educational Full Forms List

WINDOW - Wide Interactive Network
Development for
Office work Solution

Oriented Machine.
Particularly United
and used under Technical
and Educational Research

VIRUS - Vital Information
Resources Under Siege

UMTS - Universal
Mobile Telecommunicati ons

AMOLED - Active-Matrix Organic Light-
Emitting diode

OLED - Organic
Light-Emitting diode

IMEI - International Mobile
Equipment Identity

ESN - Electronic
Serial Number

UPS - Uninterruptible
Power Supply

HDMI - High-Definition
Multimedia Interface

VPN - Virtual Private Network

APN - Access Point Name

LED - Light Emitting Diode

DLNA - Digital
Living Network Alliance

RAM - Random Access Memory

ROM - Read only memory

VGA - Video Graphics Array

QVGA - Quarter Video
Graphics Array

WVGA - Wide video Graphics Array

WXGA - Widescreen Extended
Graphics Array

USB - Universal Serial Bus

WLAN - Wireless
Local Area Network

PPI - Pixels Per Inch

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

Useful information about some important word - 80 Educational Full forms List

HSDPA - High Speed Down link
Aacket Access

HSUPA - High-Speed Uplink
Packet Access

HSPA - High Speed
Packet Access

GPRS - General Packet
Radio Service

EDGE - Enhanced Data Rates
for Globa Evolution

NFC - Near
Field Communication

OTG - On-The-Go

S-LCD - Super Liquid
Crystal Display

O.S - Operating System

SNS - Social Network Service


P.O.I - Point Of Interest

GPS - Global
Positioning System

80 Educational Full forms list of some important words.

DVD - Digital Video Disk

DTP - Desk Top Publishing

DNSE - Digital
Natural Sound Engine

OVI - Ohio Video Intranet

CDMA - Code Division
Multiple Access

WCDMA - Wide-band Code
Division Multiple Access

GSM - Global System
for Mobile Communications

DIVX - Digital Internet
Video Access

APK - Authenticated
Public Key

J2ME - Java 2
Micro Edition

SIS - Installation Sourc

DELL - Digital Electronic
Link Library

ACER - Acquisition
Experimentation Reflection

RSS - Really
Simple Syndication

TFT - Thin Film Transistor.

AMR - Adaptive

MPEG - Moving Pictures
Experts Group

IVRS - Interactive
Voice Response System

HP - Hewlett Packard

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